Keep your mind & body active and young! Actively Inspired is the online store that provides you with unlimited ways to stay active, have fun, and keep your mind, memory, and body healthy. Our immersive online store is a place where you can view, learn about and acquire classic and contemporary games. Each season brings a wealth of new ideas and updates to our product range. All of our games are renowned for their excellence and are large on entertainment!
Everything you need to stay happy and active for years to come.

What better way is there than to play a game while exercising your mind and body!

Actively Inspired consider the key to a healthy mind and body is to offer a range of activities that will challenge you both physically and mentally.

Our vast selection of classical games and activities come in a variety of sizes; from the original size, to oversized and sometimes even gigantic proportions. We offer the convenience of being able to purchase through our online store, with delivery right to your doorstep.

At Actively Inspired we believe in helping people keep their brains challenged and their bodies healthy.

Products offered are intended to equip anyone to exercise their core cognitive abilities, to try new things, to increase speed and reaction times, and, an opportunity to improve agility and flexibility.

We specialize in providing inspiration to Event Specialists, Clubs, Care Homes, Recreational Therapists, Leisure & Health Professionals, and Aged Care Activity Supporters.

There are a variety of games and puzzles to suit everyone’s skill level and their environment. Our comprehensive product range is intended to help clients get the most out of life, are age appropriate and easy to use.

Clients can choose a product that will challenge an individual’s personal best or a product to enable them to work in teams to obtain common objectives. Sometimes the products come a little bigger than traditional sizes, making those items appropriate for the visually or physically impaired. Most of our products are suited to those with dementia and adults with disabilities.

All of our products have been selected to ensure they are of the highest quality and meet appropriate safety standards. Actively Inspired is a family owned company, based in Sydney, Australia

Actively Inspired strive for excellence in everything we do, by being trustworthy, delivering on the promises of our customer service, accessibility, delivering on time and the quality of our products. A hassle free service!

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