As the summer months come around, and the weather warms up, we find ourselves heading outside to enjoy the weather with our friends and families. Barbecues should be a fun, light-hearted affair with minimal fuss. But is this really the how your BBQ entertainment is seen by your guest’s or is it just a minefield for negative memories that will haunt you for years to come?

Here are six simple steps you can take to give your friends a enjoyable barbecue experience this summer.

1. Food

These days we have to cater for all tastes. A number of my friends do not eat meat, but still enjoy a Vegetarian BBQ.

Some of my favourite barbecued recipes are Vegetarian buffalo cauliflower with ranch yogurt dip, Amaranth and quinoa stuffed peppers, and Chargrilled mango cheeks with maple rum sauce.

Make sure you keep fооds соld, соvеrеd, and safe far away from harmful bacteria’s while waiting for them to be cooked. After they are cooked serve them immediately. I try not to leave cold foods out for longer than an hour.

2. Drinks

Replenish the ice in your coolers frequently. Consider keeping а separate сооlеr for different bеvеrаgеs. Add a touch of playfulness to your drink choices. Champagne cocktails that are always a nice way to celebrate an occasion but maybe your friends would prefer a boozy slushier drink.

3. Κеер Сооl

All of us have sat in the seat with the sun directly in our eyes. Offer some shady areas, somewhere out of the heat for your guest to linger in while enjoying the conversation or playing lively game with your other guests.

4. Cook It

When grilling, place the BBQ is away from where your guests are playing. The BBF or mother-in-law probably doesn’t want her Michael Kors Coral Eau de Parfum being overridden by the smell of marinated chicken wings.

5. Prep

Before guests arrive organise enough seating for all everyone, the plates, utensils and condiments. Remember to put out the serving utensils and food covers beforehand, that way, you don’t have to go hunting for them once your guests arrive. Clear some space in the fridge in anticipation someone will bring something. Take care that you have right cutlery, to match the type of food you are serving. There’s nothing worse than trying to cut a steak with a plastic knife or eat melted ice-cream with a fork. Finally, it’s always good to have the bug spray, tarps and citronella candles handy just for those unwelcome guests.

6. BBQ Entertainment

Choose the music to match the style and mood of your barbecue. As your guests arrive decide if you want an upbeat energised feel or a relaxed chilled atmosphere. Your sounds should not drown out the ability to converse with each other, unless you’re holding a dance party.

Games are a great way to help guests mix and mingle. When you have a lot of people, play games that can be played in teams.

Giant Tumbling Tower is fun to set it up at the start of the barbecue and watch the tower slowly grow and change shape over the course of the evening as people walk pass it and move a piece. For more interactive team games have a go at Washer Toss, Giant Pick up Sticks, Cornhole Toss, Horseshoes Game, Rollo or play a game of bowling.

Throwing a great barbecue and creating memories for your family and friends can be effortless when you know how and have the right BBQ entertainment setup.