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Why Do You Charge Shipping?


All items featured in our catalogue have been priced to ensure the BEST possible value for your money. However there are costs involved the picking, packing and the posting your order to you. In addition these charges also include insurance to cover damaged or misplaced items during transit. Postage, handling and insurance is calculated based

How To Order


STEP 1 Find a Product ⦁   Browse the Product Categories and make your selection. ⦁   Use the search facility by entering the product name or key word (using part of the name is also okay as this function will find any product that contain the letters you enter). ⦁   Use the search facility by entering

Are My Credit Or Debit Card Details Saved?


All your online payments are processed through a PayPal payment gateway. The PayPal payment Gateway securely links to Actively Inspired website and manages the complex routing of the data with regards to credit card online payment methods on our behalf. This means, we don't save any of your payment details. PayPal is one of the