Fairs & Fetes

When Planning A Fair or Fete Try Not To Save Your Fair Ideas Just For Once A Year!

Summer and Spring dependably carries with it a whirlwind of fundraising action. This may be fundraising occasions, special days or the running of specific fundraising programs. The great backbone for some schools, holy places, clubs, and foundations is, of course, the Summer Fete or Spring Fair.

These yearly occasions are a typical and well-known route for a broad range of fundraising activities to get some required much money. They are additionally impressive social events and are just as imperative in keeping up or raising the profile of associations outside of their close group.

Often, there is an allurement toward the end of these occasions to stow away all the apparatus. To cheerfully think “well that is it for one more year, didn’t we do well!”

There is a chance, however, that you could be losing out on addition revenue that could have been gained just by taking some of those positive fete thoughts and pledge drives and utilizing them for other occasions. Especially if the activities are portable, simple to set up and easy to oversee. A considerable number of these Fete recreational activities and games that can be effectively exchanged to different occasions.

Amusements and Attractions

Some examples of the more tried and tested and some newer games that are big winners and top money raisers include:

• Quoits, Bocce, or Skittles
• 10 Can Alley
• Lucky Donkey Squares
• Food Stalls, such as Candy Floss/Popcorn Station
• Trash and Treasure
• Splat the Rat
• Raffles
• Prize Wheels
• Fun Tossing Games, such as Cornhole Toss or Milk Bottle Toss
• Fun Activities such as face painting, pot decorating
• Competition Games such as Tug of War or Ladder golf
• Lucky Dips
• Guess the quantity of…
• Giant Games such as Giant Connect 4 or Tumbling Towers


A good way to attract more visitors when planning a Fair or Fete is to consider some more unusual and unheard of options for where you can hold your fair or fete and have a mixture of traditional as well as new exciting games.

Where might you be able to discover a space for a snappy pledge drive?

Search for:

• Car Boot Sales
• Local Markets
• Farmers Markets
• Shopping Malls or Town focus advancements
• New Openings
• Product Launches/Promotions
• Community Occasions
• Sporting Occasions
• Annual Events, for example, Bonfire Night, holy people days and so on

Essentially anyplace where you could slip in a stall or fundraising table. Try not to be modest inquiring. You will discover numerous undertakings entirely quick to oblige anything additional to help their occasion. There is the possibility that you will need to pay a fee for using someone else’s venue, so make sure you do the math – what amount do you think you can reasonably procure in a couple of hours?

So don’t spare those incredible pledge drives to be brought out just once every year. Search for new open doors. Make your association and its pledge drives a normal element of your neighbourhood group.


Join in the festivities! The Actively Inspired site is a thorough source for a variety of game options. If you are searching for remarkable sustenance, fun and family amusement, there are a wide assortment of games for all occasions, accessible to people in general, and perfect for Multicultural Carnivals, School Fetes, Spring Fairs, Regional Shows and Street Festivals, to give some examples.

Who sorts out Community Events?

While a portion of the extensive Community Festivals get adequate funds to utilize an Event Manager, the lion’s share of Fetes, Fairs and Festivals are usually run by the efforts of volunteers.

Fairs & Fete Events can usually be classified as either:

1. School/College, based as asset raisers, sorted out by a sub-advisory group of the School/College Parent and Friends Committee and hung on the School/College grounds.
2. Community-based extraordinary occasions sorted out by the Neighbourhood Council, Progress Association, Church or Service Club, Chamber of Commerce, Show Society and held in Council Parks, Showgrounds, Sporting Fields, or Streets/Roads that have been briefly shut for the term of the occasion.

State and Private School-based Events have an unmistakable point of preference of:

• Readily event accessible site – School grounds
• Source of volunteers to arrange – Parents
• Source of gifts and sponsorship – Parents
• Captured gathering of people – Children
• Entertainment – School Groups, Choirs, Performing Arts
• Advertising channels – School site and school bulletin
• Free access to an extensive variety of offices – School Hall, Canteen, Oval, Toilets, Power and Public Liability Insurance.

Then again, Community-based occasions held in nearby Parks have only the basic fundamentals to work with, and may need to depend on Government/Council gifts to balance the extra expenses in running their occasions.

Whether it be School or Community-based, various steps should be taken while sorting out a celebration or event.

Research and Planning

Energy, capacity and all the great goals on the planet are not a viable alternative for examination and arranging. By exploring the practicality of an occasion, and arranging admirably ahead of time (ideally, no less than 12 months), the likelihood of achieving your goals for holding the fair or fete is inconceivably moved forward.

Amid the preparatory stages, the Organizing Committee needs to decide:

• The topic of the occasion
• Where it will be held
• The date of the occasion
• Estimated costs
• Estimated income

If this is the first Festival of its kind held in your general vicinity, assessments of operational expenses and revenues will be difficult to make. Additional information might be acquired by going to other Community occasions in your general vicinity. Identify with the coordinators, suppliers, and Stallholders, who are typically more than glad to offer essential figures, proposals, and suggestions.

Form a Festival Committee

A noteworthy Fair or Fete Event is a lot for one individual alone to arrange, so the general venture workload needs are shared, by appointing different assignments to sub-boards. The Event Organizer’s part then gets to be one of coordinating the work across the board of trusted individuals. The authoritative structure ought to incorporate the accompanying parts:

• Event Organizer/s – Project Coordinators
• Health and Safety Officer – First aid, general security, Risk Assessment
• Entertainment Program – Scheduling groups, Performances, Entertainers
• Financial Accounting – Accounting including pay and consumption
• Advertising and Promotion – Event site, Flyers, Posters, Banners, Newspaper, on-line occasion registries
• Personnel and Staffing – Volunteers
• Administration – Permits, Programs, Legal viewpoints, Insurance
• Technical – Stage, Audio, Sound
• Services – Parking, Lavatories, Security, Power, Rubbish evacuation
• Catering and Social – Sourcing Food and Beverage Caterers, Market Stalls, Amusement Rides.

Undertakings are frequently appointed to classes or offices inside of the school i.e. the Arts Department might co-ordinate Stage, Audio, and Entertainment.

Expenditure and Funding

School-based Fetes, Fairs and Fun Days can often be organised to a great degree on a low spending plan, as the essential foundations are typically accessible inside of the school itself. Extra subsidizing might be required for the contract of Stage Equipment, Cooking Equipment, Fireworks Displays, publicizing and general consumables.

Group based occasions have a tendency to outsource their Food and Beverage Stalls using External Stallholders – the administrators of which are independent with regards to hardware and power. Financing will be required to cover extraordinary occasion costs, for example, Stage and Audio Hire, Entertainment, Generators, Fireworks, Public Liability Insurance, Advertising, Security and conceivable Road Closure costs.

Begin by looking for what could be subsidized and might be sourced from Corporate Sponsorship, Community Donations, and Government/Council Grants. All associations who fiscally bolster the occasion will hope to be recognized using Event sites, Flyers, Newsletters, and Posters.

Usually School-based occasions get their money “on the day” from different sources incorporating into Stalls, Raffles, Auctions, Amusement Rides, Food, Drinks and External Stallholder rent. Group based occasions get the greater part of their salary from External Stallholder rent, Amusement Rides, Sideshow Games, and door receipts (if appropriate).

Advertising and Marketing

Your Festival may be the best occasion ever held, however if people, don’t know about it or it’s not at the forefront of their minds, they won’t come. Once the Entertainment, Stallholders, Amusement Attractions, and Activities have been affirmed, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin promoting the occasion.

• Website or Micro-site dedicated to the Fair or Fete – Every real group occasion ought to have a site, which is an absolute requirement for publicizing, recognizing supports, overall population information and contact subtle elements
• Press Releases – Articles in neighbourhood/territorial daily papers, Radio
• Flyers and Posters – Community Noticeboards and Letterbox drops
• Banners – Located at the site and on certain streets/convergences
• Online Event Directories – Free-of-charge commercials connected to the occasion site
• School and Local Newsletters – normal overhauls and an Event embed
• Social Media – Facebook and Twitter will “spread the news” and keep invested individuals overhauled

The more prominent the publicizing, advertising and advancement, the bigger the group, and the more awareness generated, should lead to greater potential patrons.

Permits and Licenses

This is the place the natural research material starts! Government and Council Permits might be required for:

• Use of the site
• Road Closures
• Banners and makeshift directional signage
• Fireworks
• Liquor
• Raffles

Open Liability Insurance will be required, firstly covering the event, and furthermore, covering every remote administrator, Stallholders, Entertainers, Fairground Ride Operators and so forth.

Develop a Site Plan

Contingent upon the size and measurements of the Fair or Fete Event site, the design, for the most part, components the primary stage to one end of the arrangement, with Carnival Rides and Games to the inverse end. Along these lines, the fun and fervour of Sideshow Alley do not meddle with or are in front of an audience, music and performances. Lines of Stalls, Food, and Drink administrators, Displays, Amenities, and Activities are then situated along the external edge connecting the two major ranges of amusement.

While adding to the Site Plan, careful thought should be made to the area of the accompanying offices, exercises, and base:

• Emergency Access – to the whole site
• Stage and Audio
• Shade Marquees and Tents
• Toilet Facilities
• Crowd Barriers
• Generators
• Public Address System
• Lighting
• Stalls
• First Aid

So what are you waiting for? Start organizing your next Fair, Fete or Festival now!