• Giant Checker pieces Giant Checkers Set Pieces
    These giant checkers and draughts pieces add excitement to a classic game! Made from weatherproof durable materials they are lightweight and easy to move. Checkers is a stimulating games that helps to enhance your memory, and improve your analytical skills. This giant set is sure to provide you plenty of social opportunities.
    • Set includes 24 pieces each having a diameter of 22cm and height of 9cm
    • Please note board sold separately, refer to item # GAM0102.
  • Giant Chess Sets

    These giant 40cm or 60cm Chess Set are perfect sizes for indoor or outdoor play. The biggest selling chess sets, used in villages, schools, parks, communities, backyards and hotels around the country. They're great for businesses when entertaining clients or use the pieces at trade shows to attract visitors to your stand - a real attention getter! Made from durable plastic these sets can be played by all ages. Weight can be added to the base in the form of water/sand to maintain stability if required. PIECES ONLY
      Set comes complete with 32 regulation pieces The size of the set is determined by the height of the king Each playing piece consists of a base and upper unit Dimensions:
    • King 60cm or 40cm high with 22cm or 16cm diameter base
    • Pawn- 40cm or 22cm high with 22cm diameter base
    • Total set weight up to 35kgs Board not included and is sold separately, refer to items under Giant Chess & Checkers Mats
  • Giant Chess game giant chess mat
    Using a Chess mat is quicker to lay and the lawn friendly. This is a Chess board that rolls up for easy storage or transportation. Sized to suit the giant chess sets. MAT ONLY
    • 2 sizes available;
    • Measurement: 280cm (2.8 meters) for the larger chess sets 60cm pieces
    • Measurement: 210cm (2.1 meters) for the 40cm chess pieces and 22cm checker pieces
    • Made from a tough Nylon material suitable for walking on


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