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    Prize wheel heights Prize Wheel

    Lucky Prize Wheel

    $189.95 $159.95
    Wheel of Fortune! Just spin the lucky wheel and see who wins. Comes complete with an easy adjustable tripod stand to adjust the height to meet your need. 14 customizable slots and a centre sign for instant logos or text change. The plastic pointer "clicks" between each prize, creating exciting sounds. It is perfect for your social club lotteries, raffles, word games, number games, quizzes, trade shows, carnivals, annual meetings, parties… the uses are endless!
    • Editable Prize Wheel Size 60cm diameter
    • 14 customizable slots and magnetic centre sign
    • Dry erase plexiglass panel board for easy erasing
    • Adjustable Metal Tripod Stand
    • Total height of the complete Prize
    • Wheel (including tripod stand) between 110cm to 146cm
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    bingo game bingo game
    Gather some friends, and let’s play Bingo! An exciting game of chance. This authentic retro-style set will have you captivated as the wooden balls roll around inside the spinner and you wait for the caller's announcement. The balls are wooden and the numbers are burned on. Bingo is one of the top activities for mature adults. Bingo encourages conversation and positive social interaction between players. Fun for 2 to 8 players.
    • 1 Traditional 15cm Metal Ball Spinner
    • 77 Wooden Bingo Balls
    • 1 Solid Wood Bingo Board
    • 8 Nostalgic Shutter Bingo Cards
    • Game Rules
    • Cotton Storage Bag