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  • hour glass hour glass
    "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives…" Use these decorative timers in games as a time constraint on rounds of play. Provide a sense of fairness. Choose the best time for your game. Also a fun desktop diversion. Flip it over and watch the grains of sand pass through. Watching time fly has never been so interesting!
    • Glass and sand construction
    • Measures 16cm H x 7.8cm W
    • Sand passage of time represents 30 minutes
  • playing card holder card holder
    The Winning Hand!World’s finest card holder. Combining elegant styling with superlative function. Stands freely on a table or held comfortably in hand. Allows playing cards to be held securely but discreetly, if you have reduced manual dexterity and are unable to hold an entire hand of cards.
    • Luxurious velvet touch finish
    • Holds up to 25 cards
    • Novel curved slot allows easy insertion and removal of cards
  • Mah-jong Holders for tiles for one of the best table top games Mah-jong Holders for tiles for one of the best table top games
    Each set contains 4 wooden racks used for holding Mahjong tiles.
  • Mah-jong Counting sticks Mah-jong Counting sticks
    Counting sticks used for Mahjong. Made from Urea Plastic. Set contains 84 sticks consisting of:
    • 4 each - 5 red dots, 2 green dots, value 10,000
    • 8 each - 5 red dots, value 5,000
    • 32 each - 1 red dot, value 1,000
    • 40 each - 8 black dots, value 100

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