• giant crossword giant crossword
    Let's Twist Again! There is nothing like a good word game to keep your mental acuity primed! Crosswords are an effective mind and memory device. Doing crosswords uses creative thinking skills and perception shifts to come up with alternative answers. Solving these intermediate level crossword puzzles is a great way to keep your brain sharp and focus on your attention span. The 25 oversized grid sheets promotes socialization and are ideal for large groups. All the puzzle solutions can be found in the back of the book.
    • 25 Oversized 59.4 cm Square Grid Sheets
    • One book of 25 Intermediate level puzzles and clues/solutions
  • hour glass hour glass
    "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives…" Use these decorative timers in games as a time constraint on rounds of play. Provide a sense of fairness. Choose the best time for your game. Also a fun desktop diversion. Flip it over and watch the grains of sand pass through. Watching time fly has never been so interesting!
    • Glass and sand construction
    • Measures 16cm H x 7.8cm W
    • Sand passage of time represents 30 minutes
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    Hammer and Tap Game Hammer and Tap Game

    Hammer & Tap

    $29.95 $21.95
    Tap Tap! A vintage treat from the 1930's and 40's which everyone will remember with love. Create your own colourful designs. Excellent for improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. One of the table top games kids will reminisce about in years to come.
    • 2 hammers
    • 1 cork board
    • Various wooden shapes to create all sorts of pictures
    • Caution required due to the sharp pins
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    Card Dealer Card Dealer
    Dish out your cards like professional card dealer! This beautifully crafted, solid wood casino shoe dealer makes dealing the cards easy. Card shoe holds multiple decks of cards. Stylish and easy to use Italian design. Having a dealer shoe allows for more games to be played by reducing the time between shuffles. Helps to keep your cards neat and tidy, and the card faces are hidden from view!
  • Double 6's dominoes set Double 6's dominoes set
    Wonderful classic game! Dominoes is an excellent way to improve logical reasoning and recalling mathematical concepts. Great for team building activities. Encourages social contact and working effectively with other people as you apply new strategies. These beautifully presented Dominoes in a designer wooden box is an ideal way to spend time with your family or friends or make an easy to play office game.
    • Double six dominoes in a classical wooden box
    • Domino tiles are a traditional table-top size 5cm L x 2.5cm W
  • Giant Happy Families game Giant Happy Families game
    Just like the ever popular card game only bigger! Try and collect a complete family of four without giving away your secrets. Encourages recollection, sorting and matching skills. Play at weddings or team building events to get people mingling and trying to find their match. A quick and simple game to play, with a good mixture of tactics, luck and memory!
    • Eight sets of farm themes
    • Made from pine and plywood
    • Each piece measures 10 x 8.5cm
    • Handy Carry Bag
    • This game is for play indoors and outdoors but it is not weatherproof or showerproof
  • Mah-jong Holders for tiles for one of the best table top games Mah-jong Holders for tiles for one of the best table top games
    Each set contains 4 wooden racks used for holding Mahjong tiles.
  • Mah-jong Counting sticks Mah-jong Counting sticks
    Counting sticks used for Mahjong. Made from Urea Plastic. Set contains 84 sticks consisting of:
    • 4 each - 5 red dots, 2 green dots, value 10,000
    • 8 each - 5 red dots, value 5,000
    • 32 each - 1 red dot, value 1,000
    • 40 each - 8 black dots, value 100
  • Mah-jong Set Mah-jong Set


    A game of skill, strategy and calculation combined with a bit of luck! This standardised Hong Kong version has large print tiles making it easier to see the suits, honours and flowers. Easy to grasp tiles
    • Large index tiles
    • Washable, 100% plastic
    • Easy to store and carry with hard vinyl case
    • Single pack
    • Counting Sticks not included,refer product code GAM0518
  • Best Playing Cards Playing Card Set to play the best card games
    An attractive wooden crafted box containing 2 beautiful decks of smooth playing cards. Ideal for playing card games such as Bridge and Poker. Use as a card storage box to protect your favourite playing card decks. This card set is sophisticated, elegant and for the discerning. Claim your win with this beautiful high quality playing card box set.
  • fish pond game fish pond game
    Catch of the day! This game provides an exciting fishing experience. With a pond full of fish, try to hook your fish using the magnetic hooks. Add up the numbers for every fish caught. This beautifully illustrated game was first launched in 1909 and kept everyone entertained in their attempt to land a whopper!
    • This Fish Pond is magnetic - no water!
    • Up to four players
  • Terzetto Game Terzetto Game


    Mind your marbles! This stimulating game is a game of tactics and careful planning. Simply shake the shaker to determine the pattern. Then place sets of 3 marbles on your board to match the pattern in the shaker. Be the first to fill your board! Helps with spatial awareness and fine motor skills. This product can be played on your own or with a friend, partner or carer.
    • 48 marbles
    • 2 boards
    • 1 shaker
    • Game rules
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    Peg solitaire game Peg solitaire

    Peg Solitaire

    $54.95 $49.95
    Clear the deck! The aim is to empty the entire board leaving a solitary marble in the centre hole. A stylish and sophisticated board set that is beautifully finished with marbles that have a lovely sheen. The channel around the edge of the board holds your oppositions "taken" pieces safely, for the duration of the game. An ideal game for one!
    • Round finely polished wooden board 20.5cm dia
    • Glass Marble Balls

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