Knock Knock!

The game of Tin Can Alley is a traditional carnival or village fete game.
Simply pile up the cans and give a prize to the person who can knock the most down!
A popular game, simply because you can never have enough of testing out your precision skills.
Offering plenty of entertainment for the players and a treat for onlookers.
A quick and easy game to set up.
Simply arrange the set of tins arranged on a 45cm platform. Stand behind a line. Use the three rubber balls for knocking them off!
The player who can knock off all the cans in one hit is the winner!

    Includes :

  • 10 rustic looking Rubber Cans, numbered 1 to 10
  • Cans are 10cm high x 8cm diameter.
  • 3 Spongy Rubber coated Balls, 7cm diameter.
  • Carry bag.