Boules, Bocce or Pétanque?
Boules games are either rolled or thrown.
When balls are rolled it called Bocce or if balls are thrown it is referred to as Pétanque.
The aim is to try and roll or throw your Boules as close to the jack (the little ball) as possible.
You can also knock the opponents Boule away from the Jack by landing your Boule on or next to the opponents Boule.
Not only is this game fun but it also builds accuracy and co-ordination skills.
This elegant 8 Ball set can be used for all Boules games.
Ideal set for a group of four to play together, using 2 balls each.

    Steel Pétanque set includes:

  • eight silver balls
  • one wooden jack (target ball)
  • one measuring device
  • game instructions
  • This set comes with a Nylon Storage Bag