This giant 40cm Chess Set is a great size for outdoor play.
Can be used in villages, parks, communities, backyards and hotels around the country.
Made from durable plastic this set can be played by all ages.
Weight can be added to the base in the form of water/sand to maintain stability if required.

    Specifications of individual ,Height by Base Diameter (Weight):

  • King – 40cm x 16cm (560g)
  • Queen – 35cm x 16cm (450g)
  • Rook – 24cm x 13cm (310g)
  • Bishop – 31cm x 14cm (405g)
  • Knight – 28cm x 14cm (400g)
  • Pawn – 22cm x 11cm (220g)
  • Total set Weight 35kgs
  • Board not included and is sold separately, refer to item # GAM0102