Be creative!
This giant foam pattern block with 6 traditional block shapes, is an enjoyable activity for helping to develop skills in designing, shape recognition, matching and sorting.
Pattern blocks encourage people to work together and pieces are large enough to allow 4 – 6 people to create a design together.
The foam blocks are chunky, easy to grasp and highly visual.
They cleverly fit together in any combination of patterns.
Suitable for older people, including those with dementia or with partial sight.
This product can also be used to support young people with learning disabilities.

  • Includes 49 pieces; 4 yellow hexagons, 6 orange squares, 12 green triangles, 6 trapeziums, 9 parallelograms and 12 rhombuses.
  • Blocks are made of tough, durable foam with each piece measuring approximately 10cm