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Package 2 includes three of our top trending lawn games.

Put a ring on it!
Board Quoits is a simple but entertaining game, great for either indoor or outdoor fun.

Take turns to see who can be the first to score by throwing the rope quoit onto the pegs.
Ring Toss helps with hand eye co-ordination, accuracy and ability to recall addition skills.
The best lawn game that enables independent participation for everyone.
Easy to set up and start playing!

  • Contains 5 Wooden Pins and Wooden Cross
  • 5 Rope Rings so do not bounce off the pegs
  • Cross dimension 50cm x 50cm
  • Includes instructions

You’re on a Roll!
Rollo is a new exciting game can be played anywhere, wherever there is a flat surface.
Play on the beach, in the park, or in your own backyard.
Great for picnics or a Barbeque, Rollo will keep everyone entertained!
Similar to lawn bowls, with the aim of the game to get your disk as close as possible to the target.
The disk that lands closest to the pyramid gets the points of the number showing on the top of the disk.
Rollo is a low-impact, therapeutic game that can improve fitness, coordination and confidence.
Its relaxed pace with comparatively light physical demands means Rollo is fast becoming a popular outdoor game!

The components include:

  • 2 Pyramid Targets
  • 3 Lightweight Wooden Disks with blue numbers 1-6 on each side
  • 3 Lightweight Wooden Disks with yellow numbers on each side
  • 2 Measuring cords
  • Game instructions

It’s in the Bag!
Play the fastest growing sport!
Toss your bean bag into the target hole.
Cornhole can be played as either doubles or singles.
A game designed to leave one hand free for refreshments.
An exciting outdoor yard game or fun indoor activity.
The game stores easily with its easy click together clasps on the boards and convenient carrying handles.
Quick to set up and is ready to start playing instantly.
Sure to provide lots of entertainment!

  • Board size 90cm x 60cm x 9cm
  • Click together hinges and folding legs on each board for easy storage
  • Rope carrying handle for comfortable transportation
  • Boards made from solid wood
  • Includes 2 boards, 4 orange and bags and 4 blue sand bags.
  • Game Rules