Offering games at your wedding reception can really add style and glamour to your special celebration.  Games are an excellent way to break the ice amongst your guests as they make new friendships, and keep the reception fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Actively Inspired have a variety of wedding games for you and your guests to play, each chosen for their simplicity and game pace that will keep the entertainment flowing and allow you to saviour the day. There is something for everyone, whether your friends are young or not so young, extending from table games to group games, as your guests celebrate with you as newlyweds.

Playing games can create a perfect environment for the families and friends of the bride and groom to mingle. Providing games at your wedding is a great alternative to dancing, eating and toasting, and helps to keep your guests in good spirits!

There are lots of ways to incorporate games into your wedding day line-up. Some popular picks for wedding games and activities to entertain all your guests include:


Have a pre-wedding Olympics style games day so your bridal party can get to know with one another.

During Photos

On the day start your wedding games with a classic drinking game of tic tac toe; a round of boys vs. girls, the groom and groomsmen against the bride and bridesmaids!

Wedding games also make brilliant quirky and chic props for your photos.

For the Cocktail Hour

The post-ceremony cocktail hour is when your guests will begin to really relax, talk to each other, and it’s nice to provide a helpful nudge to get them all mingling!

What could be more perfect for a wedding than some playful lawn and giant games. Games such as, Quoits, Bowling, Giant Jenga, Giant Checkers, Rollo, and Connect four are excellent choices.

You could tailor the games to your wedding colours, by putting decorative cloth on the hoops and skittles in pretty fabrics. The classic Cornhole game can easily be personalized by adding monogram decals, or paint a set in your wedding colours.

Have everyone play Giant Tumbling Towers; make a line and have each person take a block out and try to place it on the top without making it fall over.

Offer up a bunch of hula-hoops for a hula-hooping contest. If the guests can keep the hoop spinning in motion for more than 30 seconds, each time someone succeeds, the newlyweds kiss!

Some say carrying a lucky horseshoe on your wedding day is symbolic gift of good luck and fertility. Imagine how much extra good luck your marriage will have with a game of Horseshoe Toss!

For the Dinner Reception

Complement your floral centerpieces, by placing a game in the centre of each table. Get your guests  to mingle with other tables throughout the night, as this all adds to the merriment. Alternatively, you could have a games station, where guests can grab a table top game when the desire takes them, or, you could set up a separate table or two with some cards and dice games.

Include some Table Topic conversation cards on each table, to ask questions like “What’s the secret to a happy marriage?”. By adding a booklet and pens for guests to write down their ideas, this makes an excellent keepsake for the happy couple.

Other table games could include tile based games, Pickup Sticks, Chinese Checkers, or any of our range of retro-styled board games.

Set up a table for bingo. Bingo is fun for all ages. At the end of the night, you may consider allowing the guests to turn in their winnings for prizes.

Most games can be adapted for reunions, anniversaries and other kinds of celebrations as well, so don’t feel constrained by the wedding theme!