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  • Steeple Chase Game Steeple Chase Game
    And we’re racing! Race around this beautiful vintage board with wooden horses on the steeple chase. Based on a game from the early 1900's, roll the dice and avoid landing on a hurdle to be the first past the post!
    • Board
    • Coloured wooden horses and die
    • Game Instructions
    • Box Size 23cm x 19cm
  • Scrabble - Large Print Font Board Scrabble - Large Print Font Board
    Every Word Counts! This crossword spelling game is a specially designed large print version. The larger high contrast letter tiles and larger print board aid the visually impaired and the larger tiles make them easier to grip! Great stimulation game to work the brain!
    • Large print playing board with a specially designed rotating board system that moves smoothly with a tile lock system holding the tiles in place, board size 36.5 x 36.5 cm
    • 4 Large tile racks
    • 100 Large print letter tiles, 16 point Font, tile size 25mm
    • Cotton tile bag
    • Large print user guide
  • shipmates dice game shipmates dice game
    Ahoy there, me Matey! Shipmates Dice Games is stuffed full of bits and pieces to play the best dice games from around the world. Play five dice games popular amongst sailors, like “Yankee Grab” and “Drop Dead”.
    • A wooden Shut The Box
    • A Crown
    • Anchor Playing Mat
    • A dice shaker
    • Three unique dice
    • Six normal dice
    • Some tiddlywink style counters
    • The rules
  • Mah-jong Set Mah-jong Set


    A game of skill, strategy and calculation combined with a bit of luck! This standardised Hong Kong version has large print tiles making it easier to see the suits, honours and flowers. Easy to grasp tiles
    • Large index tiles
    • Washable, 100% plastic
    • Easy to store and carry with hard vinyl case
    • Single pack
    • Counting Sticks not included,refer product code GAM0518
  • fish pond game fish pond game
    Catch of the day! This game provides an exciting fishing experience. With a pond full of fish, try to hook your fish using the magnetic hooks. Add up the numbers for every fish caught. This beautifully illustrated game was first launched in 1909 and kept everyone entertained in their attempt to land a whopper!
    • This Fish Pond is magnetic - no water!
    • Up to four players
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    Wooden Scrabble Game Set Wooden Scrabble Game Set

    Scrabble – Wooden

    $89.95 $79.95
    Every Word Counts! This is a beautiful nostalgic version of the crossword spelling game. Chunky wooden tiles with a vintage style game board. Great stimulation game that works the brain!
    • Letter tiles, Racks, Board
    • Tile bag for safe keeping
    • A vintage inspired wooden box with sliding lid to store everything
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    Chinese Checkers Chinese Checkers

    Chinese Checkers

    $54.95 $39.95
    Find the way home! Be the first to race your pieces across the hexagram-shaped board. This is a game of strategy, played by two to six players. A stylish and sophisticated board set that is beautifully finished with marbles that have a lovely lustre. The channel around the edge of the board holds your oppositions "taken" pieces safely, for the duration of the game.
    • One round finely polished wooden board 36cm Dia
    • Glass marbles, 10 each of six different colours
    • A storage bag for the marbles
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    Find 5 Fast Game Find 5 Fast Game

    Find 5 Fast

    $39.50 $29.95
    Find your match! Be the first to find the common object that’s on all five disks. Whatever way you flip them there is always only one match. Requires a sharp eye and a little bit of speed. Develops focus, visual perception, speech-language skills, improves fine motor skills. Ideal game for 2 – 4 players.
    • 5 magical double-sided disks
    • 6 magical double-sided disks for advance play
    • 16 scoring chips
    • Built in scoring board
    • Game rules